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The Final Stretch: 5 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Success this GivingTuesday

For the last few months, you and your team have been working hard to prepare for GivingTuesday. The good news: the big day is right around the corner! The anxiety-inducing news: the big day is right around the corner!

Whether you’re feeling great or a little nervous as we enter the one-week countdown, the following tips will help you get set up for success this GivingTuesday.

Step up your communications

With GivingTuesday being one week out, it’s time to yodel the final countdown to your supporters and emphasize the difference your donors can make for your cause. Call it out in this week’s newsletters and blog posts, send out email reminders, and increase your social media cadence to daily posts. And if possible, include a link to your GivingTuesday donation page in your email signature—encourage your team and organization to do the same.

Meet with your GivingTuesday team

Meet with your team to review the plan and everyone’s responsibilities before, during, and after the big day. Take this time to reiterate goals, assess outstanding problem areas, and address any last-minute questions before the big day. And to mitigate potential issues, set up check in meetings, outline resources, and identify a point of contact for future questions.

Review campaign materials and creative assets

As with any multichannel marketing campaign, your GivingTuesday campaign has a variety of creative assets with specific requirements for specific channels. Now is the time to review everything and triple check that it’s ready to roll out. This includes:

  • Proofreading all copy for emails, text messages, and social media captions
  • Checking that each graphic is sized appropriately for its intended channel
  • Reviewing video assets to make sure that they’re properly edited and ready to share

Double-check your lists

Santa’s not the only one who needs to check the list twice. Carefully inspect all your lists—and segments of those lists—to double-check that they’re correctly organized and ensure that you’re sending the right communications to the right people.

Walk through workflows

Team is ready. Campaign materials and creative assets look amazing. Lists and segments are on standby. Next, walk through everything that needs to happen to deploy all this hard work. While most of this will likely be covered in your GivingTuesday team meeting, it can be mindboggling how often a simple but important element can fall through the cracks. Avoid surprises (and panic) on GivingTuesday by doing a quick system check to be sure that emails and text messages are ready to send, social is scheduled, landing pages and links are working, donation forms are up and ready to accept donations, and all other campaign components are operating properly for a user-friendly donor experience.

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