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Partners with a purpose.

When you work with The Lukens Company (TLC), you’ll quickly realize two things:

  1. There is science behind what we do.
  2. There is passion behind why we do it.

And it’s been that way since our founding in 1986 when we had three people specializing in direct mail fundraising. From those days of floppy disks through these days of eye-tracking heat maps, we’ve grown alongside our valued clients, partnering with them to make sure our world doesn’t just become different, but better.

And instead of merely reacting to various changes going on around us, we seek opportunities to drive the changes themselves.

So we still “do mail” with the best of them, but we’ve also expanded our expertise and added a comprehensive array of services to provide the best data-driven multichannel direct response, donor development, and fundraising services. Because while we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished as an award-winning marketing agency, what excites us is the continuing discovery of what else we can do that will empower cause-oriented organizations to share their messages, strengthen their bonds with supporters, and spark meaningful change for our world and the people in it.

We’ve spent over 35 years taking purposeful steps towards a better future. Are you ready to take a few more with us?



Making the world a better place.


Our Mission

We help cause-oriented organizations make the world better by engaging and empowering the people who support them.


Our Vision

To be the industry leader in providing innovative, data-driven direct response marketing and communications solutions to organizations that make our world a better place.


We stand for something.

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    We value people

    Our differences make us stronger. We believe that there's innate value in all people and act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person. We actively seek the best for our clients, partners, and communities by practicing an open, collaborative, and empowering working style.

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    We change the world for the better

    We're proud supporters of cause-oriented organizations and individuals who have chosen to devote their life’s work to change our world for the better. Every day, we seek to multiply our clients' impact by providing unparalleled partnership and exceptional service.

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    We are entrepreneurs

    Growth is healthy. It drives us to seek greatness and continuously evolve, innovate, and improve in all aspects of our work. It's why we're fearless in challenging prevailing assumptions and taking risks to create the unknown. And it's how we continue fulfilling our mission of making the world a better place.

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    We have fun and celebrate creativity

    It’s no secret... we’re a little “out of the box.” And we’re good with that. Having fun and celebrating the unique talents of both our people and teams allow us to bring our whole selves to work, sparking creativity, enhancing our hustle, and making us better as individuals and an agency.

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    We encourage balance and give back

    We're a passionate team who has adopted a work hard, play hard, go home mentality. We don't just revel in our work and play to win—we believe in balanced lifestyles that encourage spending time with loved ones, exploring interests, and giving back to the community.

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