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7 Day-Of GivingTuesday To Do’s

You planned. You prepared. You proofed and triple-checked all campaign components.

Cheers, you did it! It’s finally GivingTuesday! This is the moment you and your team have been training—er, preparing—for the last few months.

As you take on the big day, here are seven ways you can ensure that your campaign goes off without a hitch.

Start your day with a check-in meeting

Each person on your team has an integral role on GivingTuesday. Kick off the day with a check-in meeting to make sure that everyone is ready, knows the schedule, and has everything they need to do their jobs.

Equip your team for success

Since GivingTuesday is a day-long marathon, work as a tag team so you can give everyone a breather with scheduled breaks while still covering each responsibility at all times. And to help take on the day as well as create a fun atmosphere, provide your team with coffee, lunch, and even a sweet treat for that afternoon slump.

Monitor everything

Even though you checked every email, text message, social media post, and landing page, monitoring each channel and system is critically important on GivingTuesday. Check off communications as they go out so you can easily stay on top of any potential issues as they arise.

Promote matches

Whether you secured a matching opportunity or want to encourage your donors to utilize their employer matching programs, be sure to promote donation matches throughout the day. Provide detailed information about how the match works to incentivize more—and higher—donations.

Share updates

Keep close tabs on all donations as they come in and note when and how donations are being made for invaluable insights. Since you’re monitoring all donation channels, continually post on social media to share live updates with everything from tracking your progress bar to reaching a fundraising milestone. A simple post or video saying, “We’re halfway to our goal!” will not only inspire droves of donations but will also prompt donors to proudly share their support and help you boost your organization’s awareness.

Thank donors

Beyond sharing updates, make sure that you have your thank you process in place so you can quickly and genuinely thank donors throughout the day. Whether that’s via social media posts, live streams, or personal phone calls, make a point to regularly communicate your appreciation for all your supporters who are helping you reach your goal.

Encourage media coverage

As your donations trickle in, get in touch with local media outlets to share your organization’s progress and reach even more potential supporters. Explain in a few sentences what GivingTuesday means to your organization, how donations are helping you further your cause, and ways your team members, volunteers, and donors have and continue to rise to the occasion to help you meet your goal.

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