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5 Texting Tips to Supercharge Your GivingTuesday Campaign


It’s almost time for the biggest online giving day of the year! As you gear up for GivingTuesday, there’s one game-changing tool that often flies under the radar: texting.

With a 98% open rate (compared to only 18% for emails), the humble text message might just be the secret sauce your GivingTuesday campaign needs to stand out in a world dominated by social media and email campaigns, especially if you’re looking to employ some last-minute strategies.

This year, spice up your GivingTuesday campaign and quickly connect with your supporters with these 5 texting tips.

  1. Harness the power of now. With attention spans being shorter than ever, texting is your superhero. A well-crafted text message can cut through the noise and create a sense of urgency that prompts donors to take action right away. Whether you’re sending timely notifications about limited-time matching grants or simply creating a sense of FOMO (fear or missing out) with a GivingTuesday countdown, harness the power of now and watch those contributions roll in faster than ever.
  2. Personalize your messages. Texting allows for a level of personalization that other communication channels can only dream of. Beyond using your donors’ first names, segment your audience to tailor messages that tap into their interests and reference their previous contributions. When supporters feel seen and appreciated, they’re more likely to open their hearts—and wallets.
  3. Make giving easier than ever. Make the donation process as easy as sending a text by introducing the concept of “Text-to-Give” to your donors. A simple keyword and a short code can transform your supporters into instant philanthropists. Convenience is key, and text-to-give can open the door to a seamless giving experience.
  4. Keep the momentum with real-time updates. Throughout your GivingTuesday campaign, leverage texting to provide real-time updates on your progress. Not only does it help supporters better understand what you need to fulfill your goal, it also allows donors to see the impact of their contributions and celebrate your milestones with you.
  5. Express your gratitude. Ensure that your donors feel appreciated and connected even after they’ve contributed. Send personalized thank-you messages and updates on how their donation is making a difference. You can even implement AI-powered tools for automated follow-ups, keeping them informed about the impact of their generosity in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

As you gear up for GivingTuesday, don’t overlook the incredible potential of texting. It’s not just a tool for quick communication; it’s a dynamic force that can propel your nonprofit to new heights. So grab your phones, start typing, and let the magic of texting transform your GivingTuesday campaign into an unforgettable success.

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