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How to Master GivingTuesday Emails


If you’re feeling a bit under water with your GivingTuesday campaign, you’re not alone. Whether this is your first year tackling GivingTuesday or you’re an old pro, we’ve got a few best practices and templates to help you master your email strategy and inspire more donations.

4 GivingTuesday Email Best Practices

Emails are the crux of any solid GivingTuesday campaign. To help you better connect and engage with your supporters, make sure you’re employing these four best practices.

  1. Send emails from a person, not your organization. You’ll see a much higher open rate when sending emails from “Kim, Executive Director” rather than just the name of your nonprofit.
  2. Send a minimum of 3 emails. One the week before, one in the morning of the big day, and one that afternoon. But frequent communication is key, so ideally build out an email schedule that begins the first week of November and continues through and after GivingTuesday.
  3. Incorporate multiple donation links throughout your emails. Add a donation link in your email header, body of the email, and footer.
  4. Design for simplicity. Retain readers’ attention by creating simple, mobile-friendly emails with a singular focus: donations.

And one additional way to magnify your GivingTuesday campaign’s reach on the day-to-day? Include a GivingTuesday prompt and donation link in all employees’ email signatures.

3 GivingTuesday Email Templates

These pre-written, customizable email templates are ready for you to fill in so you can easily demonstrate your nonprofit’s incredible impact and unleash more donations this Giving Tuesday.


SUBJECT LINE: Mark your calendars: GivingTuesday is in ONE week!

Hi {first name},

As a valued supporter, we’re excited to share that {organization} is participating in GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, next Tuesday, November 28.

Last year, over 35 million people in the United States participated on GivingTuesday. Will you join us this year?

{Donate Button}

Since {year started}, {organization} has {stat about impact}.

{Short, 2-3 sentence story}

{Mission/vision statement}

We’re open for early donations if you’d like to give nowall donations count toward this year’s GivingTuesday totals!

Thank you again for all your support!



SUBJECT LINE: Ready, set, GIVE: It’s GivingTuesday!

Hi {first name},

Today is a magical day—GivingTuesday! Over the next 24 hours, millions of people from all around the world will come together to support meaningful causes and nonprofits.

At {organization}, our goal is to raise {$XXX} so that we can {impact}.

Will you help us?

    • $25 can {impact} link to donation page
    • $50 can {impact} link to donation page
    • $100 can {impact} link to donation page

And that’s just the start! Make a donation now and join millions of Americans in celebrating generosity.

{Donate Button}

Thank you again for your continued support!




SUBJECT LINE: $x raised so far: Help beat last year’s GivingTuesday record!

Hi {first name},

We’re already halfway through GivingTuesday and are so close to hitting our goalwill you help us get there?

{Donate Button}

Here at {organization}, we’re committed to {mission/vision statement}, but we can’t do it alone. We need the support of people like you to help us provide {impact}.

Donate now and become part of GivingTuesday history!

We appreciate your support and encourage you to share our campaign with your friends and family on {social media}. More supporters = more impact!


Looking for more ways to hit your GivingTuesday goals?

While email should be an essential part of your nonprofits GivingTuesday strategy, the most successful campaigns work in conjunction with other channels like social media, peer-to-peer texting, and direct mail. For more information or assistance with creating a captivating GivingTuesday strategy, check out our 12 Weeks of GivingTuesday resources or contact us at

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