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6 Strategies to Optimize Your GivingTuesday Fundraising


As GivingTuesday continues to skyrocket in global popularity, many organizations now mark GivingTuesday as the start of the year-end giving season. And those that implement a mix of creative and tried-and-true strategies are bound to see huge ROIs both in revenue and supporter engagement.

Whether you’re new to the GivingTuesday game or looking for fresh inspiration as you map out your campaign, the following strategies are proven to spark engagement and motivate donors.

Tell a story

Make an immediate impression by sharing a captivating story that showcases your organization’s why. Share examples of how you make an impact on the community, why your nonprofit got started in the first place, and the people that make it all happen from staff to volunteers to donors of all levels. And you can really bring your story to life by providing real-life instances of how your organization spends donations and quantifying the impact of specific donation amounts (for example, $25 = 4 first aid kits, $50 = 8 hot meals, etc.).

Add a dash of GivingTuesday branding

Your branding—colors, style, voice, etc.—is how your supporters immediately and easily recognize your organization. Make it easy for them to recognize your organization’s participation in GivingTuesday by adding in GivingTuesday graphics and logos consistently throughout your campaign. And make sure that any GivingTuesday imagery you add aligns with your overall campaign theme and goal.

Arrange a match opportunity

Adding a match—whether it be through a major donor, a corporate partner, or otherwise—makes a significant difference in how your supporters respond. How significant? Providing a match opportunity can increase your revenue per solicitation by 19% and increase the probability that an individual will donate by 22%.

Be specific

Leaving room for interpretation is the #1 way to miss out on donations. Ask your supporters for specific gift amounts and tell them exactly how to make their donations (e.g., click here to donate $15). Sprinkle your ask throughout your copy 3-4 times per solicitation with a clear call-to-action to increase conversions and gift amounts. And test out putting a specific example of how donations will be used next to your call-to-action… you’ll likely see a bump in donations.

Create engaging videos

Video is dominating digital marketing and fundraising right now, especially among Millennials and younger generations. Jump in with a series of short and sweet messages from your organization’s leadership and staff, create an animated video delivering your campaign messaging, and ask your audience to submit their own videos about why they give.

Share progress

Who doesn’t love to be part of a success story? Tap into that mentality by including a fundraising thermometer, progress bar, or other donation tracker in your campaign materials. This is a super fun and effective way to engage with supporters because it shows that every little bit helps, displays social proof that others are contributing, and ignites a little competition.

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