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8 Community Building Takeaways from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: World renowned songwriter, entertainer, and community building mastermind.

In celebration of her much-anticipated Eras Tour movie hitting theaters today, we’re diving into 8 things nonprofits can glean from Taylor when it comes to creating a vibrant and engaged community… ready for it?

  1. Be your true self: Taylor’s music is celebrated for transcending boundaries. Why? Because she’s her genuine self. Nonprofits, take note—authenticity isn’t just in style; it builds trust, connecting hearts and souls from all walks of life. Stay, stay, stay true to your mission and values, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the foundation of a strong community.
  2. Share your stories: Taylor is a fearless storyteller. Her songs dig deep, showcasing the good, the treacherous, and everything in between. Use the power of storytelling to convey your mission’s impact and resonate with your audience: share success stories, challenges you’ve overcome, and the journey you’re on.
  3. Get personal: Taylor doesn’t just perform; she takes the time to personally connect with her Swifties, whether it’s through enchanted meet-ups, heartfelt social media interactions, or thoughtful gifts. So engage with your supporters on personal level. Respond to comments, send personalized communications, and create moments that make them think “I bet you think about me.”
  4. Maintain consistency: Taylor’s consistent releases and updates help fans stay connected. Keep the connection with your community alive by making regular, reliable communications a priority forever & always. Whether it’s newsletters, social media updates, or events, consistency should be your holy ground to foster trust and engagement.
  5. Embrace surprises: Taylor loves to surprise her fans. For nonprofits, a surprise hits different and keeps your community excited about your cause. So every now and then, why don’t you surprise your supporters to show your appreciation (think unexpected acts of kindness, gifts, pop-up events, etc.). Those unexpected moments can help you create a lasting bond.
  6. Use setbacks as opportunities: Taylor knows all too well how challenging it can be to navigate our changing world. As you inevitably encounter obstacles testing out different ways to engage your community, channel Taylor: instead of getting discouraged, take a moment, shake it off, and assess what went well and where you can improve.
  7. Empower your community: Taylor encourages her fans to get involved. Follow her lead by providing opportunities for your community to speak now and raise awareness for your mission. It enables you to create fierce champions for your cause and gives your supporters a sense of ownership in helping you reach your end game.
  8. Celebrate milestones: Taylor makes us all jump then fall with excitement every time she celebrates an album anniversary or achievement. Make sure you acknowledge hitting milestones in your journey to achieve your wildest dreams, both big and small. It helps your supporters see their impact and reinforces a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Long story short: take inspiration from Taylor’s community building prowess to better engage your supporters and drive more positive, impactful change.

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