Washington DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation

Founding Sponsor Campaign
The Challenge

When the Foundation partnered with TLC in 2005, they still needed to raise over $40 million to build the Memorial on the D.C. Mall and the donor base was less than 7,000 names — many of whom viewed their support as a one-time responsibility. To generate the private funds necessary for the Memorial's construction, the Foundation needed a solid grassroots direct response effort to raise awareness and funds on an ongoing basis.

TLC Solution

TLC created a Founding Sponsor acquisition direct mail package in order to create a connection between prospects and the Memorial. By including backend premiums at the lower and mid-giving levels, the average gift was $74.27 and the package remained the unbeatable control for over five years. Acquisition efforts were supported with additional channels: rented email list campaigns, online advertising and development of the Foundation’s website and email campaigns.

    Direct Mail,Email Outreach,Digital Advertising,Telemarketing,Web Development

Campaign Highlights

Goals Realized
Nearly $17.5 million was raised across all channels since 2005 - 32% was raised through online gifts.

One Unbeatable Control
Despite continuous testing, the Founding Sponsor package could not be beat and the same concept was used from August 2005 until Fall 2011.

Engaged Housefile
Grassroots direct response efforts helped increase the Foundation’s housefile from 6,600 supporters in 2005 to 115,000 supporters in 2011.


“We are so proud to work with The Lukens Company. They have been true partners every step of the way and thanks to TLC our mail and email campaigns are extraordinarily successful. TLC is the best in the business.”

- Harry E. Johnson, Sr. President/CEO