Inspiring Action

John Thune for Senate

Taking on the Chief Obstructionist

When John Thune launched his 2004 campaign against Tom Daschle, he needed a national fundraising base to win. His opponent, after all, was the Democrat Senate Leader, and no sitting Senate Leader of either party had lost a reelection campaign in 52 years. Using a variety of techniques, The Lukens Company quickly laid the foundation for a grassroots fundraising base in all 50 states.

TLC helped raise $8 million total in less than 8 months in the mail, including a wildly successful appeal consisting of a notecard utilizing a custom font based on the Senator’s actual handwriting, personalized in blue ink. This intensely personal, Pollie award-winning package allowed Senator Thune to raise close to $1 million in one mailing, and in an election decided by 4,508 votes, every dollar made a big difference.

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