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Turning Clicks into Conversions

Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. How can you ensure that visitors convert to supporters? 

Read The Lukens Company’s latest whitepaper, “Turning Clicks into Conversions: How to Evaluate & Optimize Online Marketing Channels”, for some commonly overlooked do’s and don’ts and the four steps to improving your online conversion process.

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New Whitepaper! The Daily Deal Bandwagon

You no doubt subscribe to at least one daily deal site, and you may have even considered an offer as part of your organization's membership acquisition program. But have you thought about the potential long-term effects offering a deal might have on your membership program? The answer isn't so easy, so be sure to check out TLC's latest whitepaper, The Daily Deal Bandwagon.

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Get the Whitepaper: Best Kept "Secrets" for Integrating E-Renewals

Avoid the road blocks and learn some best practices for successfully integrating e-renewals into your membership cycle. Download our whitepaper now to read more about our recommendations on the e-renewal process.