Sparking Ideas

Upcoming Conferences

It’s conference time again! Here are the upcoming conference sessions that The Lukens Company will present:

2013 Annual Bridge Conference

Washington, DC Gaylord National Hotel & Conference Center

Thursday, August 1 at 2:15pm

The Art of Storytelling: Translating Your Organization’s Story Across Channels

Every direct marketer knows the importance of good copy, but what does good copy look like exactly? And more importantly, how can you help your organization craft good copy? The key is to not simply communicate, but to tell a story – your organization’s story – by capturing the voice of your leadership, donors or those individuals that your mission supports. We’ll examine these ideas with a panel of nonprofit executives and seasoned copywriters. Beyond covering the basics of good storytelling, we’ll also explore how these fundamentals can be translated to digital channels, including email, digital advertisements and landing pages.

Association of Zoos & Aquariums Annual Conference

Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, September 10 at 4pm

Driving into the Data: What Visitors Are (and Aren’t) Telling Us

This session provides a comprehensive look at national data derived from leading researchers, and divines business trends, consumer insights and perceptions that can help aquarium and zoo leadership effectively manage their institutions.

Wednesday, September 11 at 10am

Know Your Visitors – How an Understanding of Visitor Experience Leads to Great Results

Every organization wants their visitors to have positive experiences. When your visitors and members are satisfied, they are naturally more likely to contribute either financially (with return visits or renewed memberships) or through positive word-of-mouth. In order to grow your guest experience from a good one into a great one and, in turn, increase the likelihood of that support, you must understand your visitors' expectations and motivations. This session will highlight the importance of gathering the data necessary to make those distinctions as well as how the findings can be applied to affect real, live results.

AAM Presentation: Membership Trends & Strategies to Optimize Acquisition, Renewal & Pricing

The Morey Group, a division of The Lukens Company, presented yesterday at the American Alliance of Museum's Annual Meeting on membership trends from two of their recent reports: the 14th Annual Cultural Attraction Attendance Report and the National Market & Membership Benchmark Study. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and SFMoMA were on hand to discuss how market research has impacted their membership programs and Anthony Plamondon, VP West Coast Operations at TLC rounded out the presentation with a discussion on lifetime value, another important tool museums should use to inform their membership strategies. 

Get the presentation below and don't hesitate to contact Anthony with any questions!

TLC Presentations from AMMC

The Lukens Company gave two presentations at last week's American Museum Membership Conference in Atlanta - thank you to everyone who attended our sessions! It was a great conference and, as always, we enjoyed the time we spent learning alongside our partners in the museum world. If you missed one of our sessions or need a recap, you can find both presentations below or feel free to contact Anthony Plamondon with questions.

Digital Strategies: They're Not Just for Marketing Anymore

Opportunities for Engagement and Revenue in the Digital Age

Where Did That Gift Come From?

The Lukens Company presented at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Minneapolis last week to share our latest and greatest data development - how to attribute gifts in a multi-channel campaign. We accomplished this with a recent campaign we conducted with the Art Institute of Chicago with great success. Learn more in the presentation here, and feel free to contact us if you have specific questions. 

Spring Conferences

Spring conference season is here! Over the next six weeks,The Lukens Company will attend and present at the conferences listed below. Let us know if you plan to attend so that we can connect and say "hello!"

Nonprofit Technology Network Conference – Minneapolis, MN

April 11 – 13

Presenting: Where Did That Gift Come From? Attributing Online Gifts in a Multi-Channel Campaign

Saturday, April 13, 1:30 – 3:00pm

American Museum Membership Conference – Atlanta, GA

April 22 – 25

Presenting: Opportunities for Engagement and Revenue in the Digital Age

Wednesday, April 24, 1:15 – 2:00pm

Digital Advertising: It’s Not Just for Marketing Anymore

Wednesday, April 24, 3:15 – 4:00pm

American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting & Museum Expo – Baltimore, MD

May 19 – 23

Presenting: Membership Trends & Strategies to Optimize Acquisition, Renewal & Pricing

Sunday, May 19, 2:00 – 3:15pm 

Walter Lukens Presents at ASTC Conference

Walter Lukens presented with Erik Pihl, Vice President of Development at Pacific Science Center at this weekend's Association of Science - Technology Centers Annual Conference. In addition to sharing a case study about the current multi-channel membership campaign PSC is conducting in conjunction with the King Tut exhibition, the presentation also covered lessons learned from Seattle Art Museum's Gaughin and Polynesia exhibit as well as emerging digital trends in direct response marketing. 

Read the complete presentation here, and feel free to contact Walter directly at with any questions. 

One Week, Two Conferences, Infinite Inspiration

San Francisco played host to two huge conferences last week and The Lukens Company attended both – the NonProfit Technology Conference and ad:tech. NTEN is the biggest tech conference for nonprofits and it always attracts industry leaders looking to share innovating ideas. ad:tech is an international digital marketing conference that attracts big names in the corporate world – but of course the beauty of online marketing is that it’s a cost effective solution, so we stay on top of these trends for our nonprofit clients!

Weren’t able to attend either conference? Read below for our key takeaways and favorite sessions:

Angela Struebing, Vice President of Client Services

This was my third year attending NTEN. As multichannel campaigns become the norm, there are a lot more resources available to reference for benchmarks, industry best practices and case studies. I’d say one of my favorite sessions was hearing about the Children’s National Hospital Valentine’s Day campaign and the power of going viral with a simple concept.

Kojo Duncan, Director of Online Services

The NTEN session I enjoyed most was the power of video as a storytelling and engagement tool. Video can be intimidating for organizations that have never tried to use it in their overall engagement/fundraising strategy, but this video titled “Yes, That’s My Father”, which was produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, shows how easy it is to use video as an engagement device. I was very moved by it and, if they had included it in a fundraising ask, I would have donated.

Matt Seney, Digital Marketing Executive 
I really enjoyed this year’s ad:tech conference. There were a lot of great keynote speeches and breakout sessions on demand side platforms and managing ROI. For me, the main takeaway wasn’t so much learning something new, but rather a reaffirmation on what TLC does in the digital space with regard to direct response marketing.   

Lauren Gordon, Account Manager

Two of my favorite sessions at ad:tech were the Think with Google sponsored presentation “Uncovering Opportunities with Marketing Attribution” and an informative talk on “Measuring Digital ROI.” The sessions were very applicable to the campaigns we develop at The Lukens Company, and I’m looking forward to incorporating some of these new insights into my daily work! Marketers were also buzzing about attribution modeling – one of the big future trends for analytics where multiple touch points are credited along the path to conversion, as opposed to focusing on the last-click model.