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New Social Media Advertising Tools: Twitter Advertising & Facebook News Feed Retargeting

According to Experian Marketing’s 2013 Digital Marketer Report, 27% of internet users’ time online is spent on social networking sites. And naturally where the consumers are, the marketers go. It’s no wonder that social advertising spending is on the rise and social networks are finding news ways to allow brands to interact with these consumers. There are two trending developments in social media advertising that the TLC digital team is following closely:

1. Twitter Advertising:

Twitter recently opened up self-service advertising, allowing marketers to create campaigns through the popular platform and engage with users across the Twitter-verse. Options for advertising on Twitter include Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets, both of which can then be strategically targeted by location, demographic, interest, and device.

Promoted Accounts (which appear in the “Who to Follow” tab and are marked as “Promoted”) are ideal for growing a social fan base and enhancing an organization’s Twitter presence. Whether your organization is gearing up for a big announcement, about to launch a major campaign, or just seeking more supporters to engage with online, Promoted Accounts can help get you noticed.

Promoted Tweets (which appear the Twitter feed and are marked as “Promoted” and can be “Dismissed” by users) boost your message’s visibility—and are a great way to promote an upcoming event, special deal, new exhibition, matching gift campaign, or timely advocacy message to existing and potential followers.

Stay tuned for more insight as we begin testing this new advertising platform with TLC clients this summer!

2. Facebook News Feed Targeting:

Recognizing an opportunity to connect brands with their users, Facebook has stepped up their advertising game recently, offering products like Custom Audiences and Partner Categories. And now they’re rolling out News Feed advertising, which will put your message front and center where people spend the most of their time on Facebook.

With Facebook News Feed advertising, visitors to your organization’s website can be tracked using anonymous cookie data, and these individuals are then served ads on Facebook. Preliminary data from Facebook is showing that these retargeted news feed ads are producing click through rates 20-40x higher than the standard Facebook ads that appear on the right side of the screen. We’ve observed in numerous TLC managed campaigns that remarketing ads also typically generate higher conversion and purchase rates than other targeting methods. This is definitely a trend worth testing.

New opportunities in social advertising allow organizations to reach a relevant new audience and target existing and prospective supporters that are more likely to be loyal to their cause. Interested in how social advertising can work best for your cause? Talk to your Account Manager or a digital services representative – we’re always happy to help navigate the ever-changing world of social media!