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Facebook’s New App Paper & Their Grab at Content Marketing

Content marketing is key to a sustained audience cultivation effort. After all, once you’ve brought in members, supporters, etc it’s what you provide and the stories you tell that will keep them engaged and help drive them through a cultivation process. To achieve a strong lifetime value people must continue caring about an organization so they will continue to invest in its future. Put plainly, content marketing is the art of crafting content that your target audience will find compelling, engaging, and valuable.

Paper, Facebook’s new mobile app, not only gives the site a fresh look;
it helps Facebook position itself as a content marketing platform.

New sections within the app segment news feed posts by content subject. For example, those interested in technology can see content on Facebook related to that interest, and so on through nineteen preset sections, in addition to the user’s news feed.

This tailored deliver of content should bolster response rates for newsfeed content that fit into one of the following subjects: technology, news, business, art, pop-culture, sports, food, photography, ideas, nature, urban-living, culture, family, cute pictures, humor, beauty, interior design, equality, and the GLBTQ community.

Simply adding Facebook into your content marketing mix won’t suffice to secure prime placement within sections either… Paper’s algorithm to generate these sections, weights content that is original to Facebook. This means that if you post the same thing on other social media sites, your eligible news feed post will display further down in the section; whereas varied “Facebook-only” content will be rewarded with higher placement within the app.

Even the method Paper uses to display posts is geared toward promoting content and a “newspaper” feel – where the name for the app comes from. Standard text and link posts are designed to resemble paper while clicking on a link within a post, unfolds a link like a newspaper. Photo posts appear as thumbnail images that fill its post region.

Posts with images will be promoted via an image rotator that occupies over 50% of your smartphone’s screen, while all posts can scroll right to left along the bottom of your screen.

So what’s the best way to add Facebook into your Content Marketing mix?

  • Update your content marketing plan to include original messaging to be used only on Facebook
  • To drive action, utilize posts with links and a custom image (600px wide by 315px tall). Note: These posts will get promoted in the image rotator and retain the image in the post, while still allowing traffic to your site.
  • Use photo posts to keep your organization “front-of-mind” on Facebook. These will also get promoted in the image rotator, but make reading text and clicking a link more difficult.

Kristopher Morris is a Digital Strategist at The Lukens Company, a direct-response marketing Agency in Arlington, VA, specializing in integrated multi-channel digital and direct mail campaigns for political and non-profit clients. He specializes in digital advertising and audience analysis to bolster community development, fundraising, and election efforts; with a focus on performance-based ROI. A veteran political strategist, Kristopher has a background in Congressional, state, and national operations. Contact Kristopher at 703.845.8484 or

This article appeared in Marketing AdVents, May, 2014.

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